The beginning of the madness...

Welcome to my blog!

Now I'm the first to admit... I can be melodramatic. Everyone can, and if you don't think it's true then you are lying to yourself. I am not often melodramatic or obsessive when it comes to things, but there are a few topics in my life where it brings out the very worst in me. My sister is Number 1 on my list. Nothing ticks me off more than the things she does and says about me, herself, her boyfriend, her friends and our family. I've gotten to the point where I can't even be in the same room with her anymore and thankfully the opportunity doesn't present itself very often. Number 2 on my list is discussing the current state of our nation. I despise George Bush as a president and I think he's done irreversible damage to our economy, country and general well-being. I live in the Deep South, and with that comes a long line of ultra-conservative family members just yearning for a Dem.ocrat to squash with their long-winded speeches on the downfalls of welfare and immigration..

Now any and all following things on the list drop off with dramatic grandeur... things like slow drivers in the fast lane, people that (loudly) blather on their cell phones in public, my favorite show being pre-empted due to 4 hour weather updates... seriously, do we need to hear about the 48 different ways the hail hit the pavement today? Small and subtle annoyances of daily life rarely get me fired up. Unless I'm PMSing.. then your chances are higher.

Today, my mental panties got in a bunch because of a message posted from my sisters live in boyfriend. I carelessly log onto My.Space (a guilty pleasure of mine) and check my bulletins, comments, friend requests, etc. and notice one from him. Now I don't see this kid very often, but any time I do we get along fine and have never had any problems, confrontations or arguments to invoke any sort of negative reaction. I have never been anything but nice to him. So he finds it necessary to post something about him wanting to buy a new phone, but that he is afraid to for fear of it being "copied" by others... then goes on to blame me (and a few other people) for copying his dear sweet one on the type of phone she has.

Next he refers to the fact that I had to go out and copy her after she got her new car. Now her being #1 on "the list" lights a fire under me fast. My sister does not work, my sister barely goes to school, my sister is not a functional member of society. She is a leech that gets whatever she wants from my dad because he doesn't want to have to deal with her drama (and believe me, she is chock full). Her new car was given to her scott free (after she got kicked out of the house at 17 and lost her other one) to allow her an easier commute to and from school, which she has now dropped out because there is no parking on campus... we'll save that for another day. So the fact that I had been test driving cars and saving for months has no credence on his argument about me running out and getting a new car the SECOND I heard she got hers! Have I no shame?!

Anyway.. back to the message. He calls me an idolizing copycat basically stating that I can't let her have anything, that I always have to do what she is doing. It really wouldn't be that big of a deal to a regular person off the street, but to me I just can't let it go. Why is stating these things about me when I have done nothing to incite it? It obviously bothered her enough that she said something to him about it (which gives me a cheap thrill to think that something I did bothered her.. wrong, but I really don't care) and he being the coward that he is thought it a good idea to post it on My.Space for everyone to see. So, fired up with the normal reaction the topic of my sister gets, I weigh my possible options. Do I respond back telling him to fuck off and mind his own business? Do I coyly correct his incorrect assumptions? Or do I leave it alone and not say anything?

I really wanted to do Option #1, Option #3 would have been the right decision, but I went for Option #2. Pointing out the fact that I bought my car BEFORE (actually it was the same day) she was GIVEN hers. Nothing more, nothing less. So I go about my day, being completely distracted about the morning events. Did he read it yet? Is he going to respond? Oh man, I should have said this instead! What am I going to say next?

My Saturday that I was so excited about quickly turned into a bust. I was distracted and in a bad mood. I tried so hard to enjoy the day and events but it was extremely difficult, which pissed me off even more. I apologized for possibly ruining the outing, but was assured that it was all in my head. So I rush home to see if there is a response waiting for me. I made a deal with myself if there was something there I was just going to delete it and not get caught up in their games. Thankfully there was nothing there, my message hadn't even been read yet. DAMN MySpace for not having the "UnSend" option. Not wanting any future confrontation, I deleted him from my friends and blocked him from contacting me in any way.

I guarantee you I will be getting some sort of reaction from my sister, however. She is still a "friend" and has full access to communication. My guess will be that she will make a blog about the travesties I have put upon her in her life, cell phone and car included. Wonder who's more melodramatic?