Staying Above Water

Man alive, I have been so busy. Like barely keeping my head above water feel like I am drowning busy. Yay work. I am just now getting home after a 15 hour day. This is why I haven't been posting. I haven't even sat at my computer at home for at least a week.

Things are going better though. My peace is slowly creeping back in and I'm finding that I am happy again. I'm a little worried because I'm finding it harder and harder to want to keep going to see A when I feel so stable, but I know it is in my best interest to keep going and keep pushing myself.

I feel like something big is coming. Like God is preparing my heart for something. Just a feeling. Can't really describe it.

I promise I'll write more when things settle down.


Paula said...
September 24, 2010 at 10:19 AM

I am sure you are not drowing, you are floating!!!!! Hurray, I am glad that you feel more up beat again. Since I have pushed through I have found an Inner Smile which hasnt disappeared ever since. Love from my heart to yours! Havee a relaxing and serene weekend.
Paula xxx