Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas! I really wasn't looking forward to today, but was pleasantly surprised. I was able to enjoy the time I spent at home, opening presents and visiting with my family. I got some really good presents this year, way more than I asked for or even feel I deserve, but I have had an awful year so I guess Santa is rewarding me. My sister spent way too much money on me, and I felt guilty for not doing the same... but that guilt was short lived.

We planned to (about 6 weeks ago) drive to Kan.sas to visit our aunt, uncle and cousins tomorrow and stay til Sunday. I was going to fly from there out to Cal.iforn.ia to spend the rest of my break visiting my dad and stepmom. My dad booked a hotel for us but sent me the confirmation, my sister never heard back from him so she thought that it meant our plans were still tentative. So, much to my chagrin, she has made other plans to go with her friends to a condo in Col.orado and wants to have the weekend to relax. Wonderful! I was excited to go, but she was driving and I can't drive there myself since I'll be flying back next week. Multiple snafu's to fix at once... having to tell my aunt/uncle (and cousin who is PISSED) that we are not coming now, having to cancel the hotel that my dad booked, having to change the flights my dad booked... all because she changed her mind. All the while, my dad and stepmom are MIA, not answering any of their phones. So they have no idea that we are not going to KS, that I had to change my flight and that I am now going to be there at 1PM tomorrow. I'm thinking they're not going to be too happy.

I however am kind of relieved to not have to drive 8 hours tomorrow then fly 5 hours on Sunday, to follow up with a 3 hour flight back next Friday. The prospect of being in the mountains tomorrow is very appealling.