I can't believe it's been over a week since I last posted!

My cousin flew into town Friday night from Cali.for.nia. Her flight was delayed 4 hrs and we did not end up getting home til 2AM!! We hit the spa the next day, had a late lunch with my mom, did some shopping and went to the game Saturday night. Sunday we slept in, watched some House and Law & Or.der:SV.U then went out to meet some friends. We stopped to see my sister, who happened to be in the same city we were in that night then went home. I had to go back to work on Monday, so she stayed home to work on paper she had for midterms. I dropped her off at the airport late Monday night and have been so busy the rest of the week.

My session Tuesday was scary. Scary because I am starting to realize what exactly I am going to have to confront in order to begin "moving on" and the idea of doing it makes me want to run away. I e-mailed her later on that night and told her just how much I was freaking out and she gave me some good tips to hold me over til our next session. Now that I've had time to simmer down, it's back to being no big deal, but I know as soon as I cross that threshold on Tuesday I will be a nervous wreck. Wednesday was a late night because we had a meeting after work, then I had to get to the gym. Last night I left as soon as I could to have time to workout and enjoy some TV time at home. My Tivo is almost 100% full and I just can't find the time to watch anything! Today was a good day, all things considered. I was scheduled for a 30 minute massage (all she had time for) but ended up staying for an hour and a half because I had so many knots in my back and hips and she kept saying she did not want me to be in pain all weekend. Gosh I love her. Not only that, but she insisted on only charging me the original fee. So I got her back with a huge tip ;)

My new bed is being delivered Sunday, so after I hit the gym tomorrow I will be getting good use of my Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons for a new mattress pad and sheets! Have a good weekend!