Today went exactly as planned except for one small bump. Went for a medication check and my 2nd Gar.dasil shot today and was expecting a quick in and out. Last time I had a series of weird reactions (basically spikes in BP) after the shot, but attributed it to my extreme anxiety and stress level. I got my shot (which by the way hurts like hell) and headed to the front to schedule my next appointment and pay. While I was standing there waiting for her to finish her phone call I got extremely lightheaded, "fuzzy vision" and felt like I was going to throw up. I told her I needed to sit down and she yelled at the nurse for some water... yeah. Little late for that. I ended up somewhere short of the chairs, thankfully segregated from the embarrassment of passing out in the waiting room. I felt like such an idiot! A nurse for one of the other doctors administered my last injection and was like "Oh yeah! I remember you now." LOL Great. My doctor had to come back out and make sure I was OK, gave me a sweet pat on the head and told me to take my time getting up. Geez.

I came home and took a nap because I was feeling a little woozy still, then went to get my hair highlighted and trimmed a bit. I was able to schedule an appointment with someone who is really hard to get, so I was stoked. She did an awesome job on my hair. Did my grocery shopping afterwards, came home and unpacked, did the dishes and ate some dinner. I'm about to tackle a little cleaning before settling down to watch House and 24.

I have a double session tomorrow at 11 which I am kind of nervous about. I have some writing I need to do for that, but am wondering if the focus is really where it needs to be right now. Ugh. It all needs to be worked on, but I just feel like there are some things that are holding me back in my life more than others. I just pull back so much when we barely touch on certain topics, I can't imagine how hard it will be if I were to say that I would like the main focus to be that. It makes my heart race just thinking about it.


Harriet said...
March 16, 2009 at 8:42 PM

My daughter had a reaction to the gardasil vaccine - but only her first one. The other two were fine. The first resulted in her almost passing out and getting a really bad headache. It was pretty much within seconds of getting the shot. I'm glad she got that over with.

So how often do you have a double session with your therapist, and how does that go? I am barely able to stand being with mine for the regular 45 minutes, I can't imagine 90 minutes!

And it's always what we want the main focus to be that is the hardest to talk about, isn't it?

imaginenamaste said...
March 17, 2009 at 12:07 AM

I laughed in sympathy at the part where he remembered you from last time!

I went to an urgent care when I was sick a few weeks ago. I got there and it was the same nurse from before, she goes "hello one with hurt head and funny allergies" :-) always good to be remembered, even if it is for being unique!

have a good rest of your spring break!

mine is one long nap :-)

femail doc said...
March 21, 2009 at 4:55 PM

There was a report in JAMA about a teenage girl who passed out post-Gardasil and fractured her skull; ended up in intensive care! The moral of the story was watch out for syncope post-shot and this shot in particular.

You are a woman after my own heart; Monday night with House into 24 is heaven!