Night Owl

So I've quickly reverted to my internal time, which is very much the night owl. I spend most of my off time up until 3 or 4AM, and sleeping in spurts throughout the day. I am in the way wrong field for my internal clock. Getting up early is a bitch!

2 days of my week off have already blown by. I hate that. I spent them visiting my best friend (who is just weeks away from delivery). I can't help but just stare at her when I am there with her. I have never been privy to so much of the pregnancy stuff than I have been with her. I cannot wait to meet her little boy. I'm hoping I can get down there in enough time to "see" the birth. The anticipation is killing me!

I drove back a little earlier than I planned to today so I could stop by a huge furniture warehouse in town that is only open on the weekends. They were advertising mattresses and I have been needing one for a while. My massage sessions have done wonders on my shoulders, but my hips and back are increasingly painful because of my old mattress... so I figured I'd use my tax return for this purpose. I got an awesome deal on a queen pillowtop mattress and box spring for less than $1000 including delivery. Only problem is they can't deliver until next weekend, and my cousin will be in town from Friday PM- Monday and I am not going to wait around for a delivery when she's only here for a short time. So now I'll have to wait 2 weeks.

Tomorrow I've got an appointment at my OBGYN for my 2nd Gar.dasil shot and a medication follow-up. I'm hoping she'll agree to write me the script for the so I won't have to go back to a psychiatrist. We'll see! I'm planning on trying out a new spa/salon near my apartment after that. I need to touch up the highlights in my hair big time. I'm sure I'll make time for a nap as well, in addition to some grocery shopping. I hope that the week goes by a lot slower than the weekend! I need all the relaxation I can get!!!