Did I even breathe today?

1. Woke up at 9:30
2. Started laundry
3. 10:45 appt to drop off (new) car to get front 2 windows tinted
4. Picked up by D and taken to chiro
5. Got adjusted
6. Back to pick up (new) car, finished windows in 30 mins
7. Drop off D's car, drive to lunch
8. Order and eat lunch
9. Notice weird pain in neck
10. Go to Tar.get to pick up travel size items
11. Kill time, visit pet store
12. Buy cute cotton dress at Ro.ss for $12.99 (WOO!)
13. Run to Ho.me De.pot to visit D's husband who was sent to pick something up
14. Start feeling stabbing pain in neck
15. Call from inspection company, ready to inspect (old) car
16. Meet inspector, get (old) car inspected
17. Drive 30 mins to turn in (old) car to dealership
18. Fill out paperwork, turn over keys
19. Call chiro, wonder if adjustment messed with my neck
20. Race back to chiro and get there 5 mins before close
21. Adjusted again, no reason for neck spasms and pain
22. Drop off D at my apartment to pick up her car
23. Run to Kinko's to fax lease termination to new dealership
24. Pick up dinner from grocery store
25. Get to apartment just as tornado sirens go off (SERIOUSLY?!)
26. Take cover in bathroom with 2 cats, flashlight and cell phone
27. Emerge 30 mins later, eat dinner
28. Oh crap, laundry? Fold and wash
29. Shooting pains in neck/jaw still, web check-in to CareNow
30. Called into office, seen by doctor
31. Diagnosed with acute lymph.adentitis, given antibiotics and pain meds
32. Fill prescr.iptions, spend 3x longer there than at the doctor
33. Home at 10PM, shower
34. Phone with friend, pack, charge electronics
35. Blog about my crazy day.

Oh right... *breathe*

Hello, NY.C! I'll be back Monday night.


imaginenamaste said...
June 13, 2009 at 8:11 PM

Oh my gosh! I hope that you have gotten to breathe (and relax) on vacation!

Enjoy your trip--NYC is great!