Because of You

I was reading one of my favorite blogs on my blogroll and was impacted by her most recent post "Since U Be.en Gone", in reference to the Clark.son song. The reference is something that hits home for me and it got me thinking of another Clark.son song that came on the radio during a rough patch I was having... never noticed the depth and meaning of the lyrics until I really listened. The entire song doesn't match up to my feelings, but the chorus could have been written by me.

As I continue this journey to no longer be afraid, I have a feeling I will come across many more lyrics that will speak to me as this one does. Finding out what I am afraid of is the first step though, and I will start that process on Tuesday.


imaginenamaste said...
March 28, 2009 at 10:37 PM

I LOVE that song--I have a whole playlist on my IPOD when I need songs like that just to put me in the right perspective.